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Peter Anandranistakis

MLT Aikins LLP
Winnipeg, Manitoba Chamber Member


  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Owner-Operator Enterprise Law
  • Real Estate Law

Quick Facts

  • Favourite movie

    Most Christopher Nolan movies, but especially Inception.
  • Currently reading

    I am in between books at the moment but most recently took some time to finish The Brothers Karamazov which is a giant tome I have been trying to find the time to dive into since my undergraduate days.
  • Strongest personality trait

    Patience and ability to work on problem solving out of difficult situations in a calm way rather than letting those situations get worse.
  • Favourite activities

    I have a huge stack of books that perhaps one day I will have time to read, and I also really enjoy collecting and listening to music and especially in exploring things I have not heard before (whether that is different sounding music from the past, or cutting edge new types of music).

Peter’s practice has an emphasis on commercial real estate. Peter has experience in a variety of transaction types including shares and general assets, and the financings of real property and business acquisitions. He has assisted small, medium and large businesses. Peter’s preferred areas of practice include advising family- and owner-operated businesses, assisting with financings and secured transactions, and assisting with complex corporate and commercial transactions. He has a particular interest in commercial real estate acquisitions and divestitures, including large commercial land purchases and divestitures. Peter also has experience with condo related matters as well as property development and leasing.


  • Why did you decide to go into your profession?

    My family always encouraged the value of working hard in me, so joining one of the professions had a draw for me. Having gravitated towards words and arguments through interests in politics and books, law seemed like a natural fit.

  • Tell us about your work.

    I advise public and private organizations of all sizes as well as individuals mostly about real estate, which can include small property purchases all the way to large purchases, financings, and developments, including condominium projects (and the extra details that come with condominium laws). I also advise on commercial leases and on general commercial or corporate questions, and on general mid-sized company or asset deals.

  • How did you come to join your organization?

    Started at my firm for my articling year right out of law school and have been here ever since.

  • Name one skill you think every good professional should have.

    Applying what you have learned from your experience - if there are things you think can be done better or things you think are not as good as they could be based on what you have learned, you try to think of a better way of doing things. And in particular, doing all of that in a friendly and positive way with all the people you interact with in your day to day work life.

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

    Working with a variety of clients who have such a range of perspectives, lifestyles, and ways of working - it can be very eye opening and contribute to a learning experience on every file and new matter.

  • What's your best advice for a new professional in your field?

    Law can have a variety of practice areas and practice types so there are a lot of different ways of doing things and different types of advice - foundationally though I would say to just try to learn as much as you can from successes and mistakes alike and try to take opportunities that will help you grow in particular (so you are not just doing the same thing) to gather your skills and find your momentum and groove as a lawyer.

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