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Take it From an ‘Old Married Woman.’ Get a Pre-Nup

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byVexxit Staff onMarch 17, 2021

Many may consider pre-nups unromantic, yet life is unpredictable and often messy. While it takes courage to have the discussion with your partner, a pre-nup is far cheaper than a divorce. Get a happily 'old married woman's' perspective on why you may want to get a pre-nup before getting married.

By today’s standards, I was very young when I walked down the aisle and said ‘I do’ to my husband.  Yet, as young as I was -  early 20s - I was very adamant and confident that I was not going to change my last name simply because I was going to become someone’s wife.  

The concept received mixed reviews.  My parents, particularly my Dad, loved the fact that my last name wouldn’t be changing.  For others, it was a bit of a negative issue. 

Fast forward to more than a decade later, it is now the norm and just a few months ago I was completely taken off guard when those that were initially opposed to the idea, voiced their support of women not altering their name.  Full disclaimer -  I believe it is every woman’s choice on what they wish to do.  

The one thing I didn’t do was sign a prenuptial agreement. To be honest, my husband and I didn’t even think about it at the time.  But now, as I imagine my own daughter potentially getting married one day, I would ask her to strongly consider having a document drawn up.  

Many may consider it the most unromantic thing to do when planning a wedding, yet life is unpredictable and often messy.  Some would argue that they have nothing to protect, but -  life doesn’t stay still nor does wealth, assets and perhaps an inheritance.  

I know I’m simplifying the process and certainly have not scratched the surface of all the things someone needs to consider when having a document drawn-up. That’s what a lawyer helps with.  

But here’s something to consider.

The average cost of a Canadian wedding is more than $31,000. 

The average cost of a contested divorce starts at $24,000 and could reach $80,000 per person if going to a court hearing.  

A simple prenuptial agreement can be as low as $1,400.  

Beyond children, the number one thing that leads to a contested divorce is money.  

I would argue that a prenuptial agreement is about love.  It takes courage to have the discussion with your partner.  In the long run, a prenup protects both of you and holds one another accountable.  Take it from a happily old, married woman, ‘Get a prenup!’

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