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Webinar: Home-Buying 101

Clock55 min. read
byRyan Turner, Taylor McCaffrey LLP, Zach Thompson & Brent Parnell, Vertuity Mortgage onJune 24, 2021

Buying your first home is an exciting time in your life, but it can be overwhelming with many questions, decisions and unforeseen costs. Whether you’re ready to buy a house ASAP or simply planning ahead for the future, this webinar provides clear, simple guidance on home buying from step one to done.

Presented by real-estate lawyer Ryan Turner, Taylor McCaffrey LLP, along with Brent Parnell, Principal Broker & Zach Thompson, Mortgage Broker from Vertuity Mortgage.

Key topics:

  • Qualifying for a mortgage

  • Down payment and associated costs

  • Mortgage stress test

  • First Time Home Buyers’ Plan

  • Interest rates and property taxes

  • Closing costs & working with a Real Estate lawyer

  • Q&A

Get Help Buying A House

Using a financial advisor and lawyer as resources in your home buying process can ensure things go as smoothly as possible.