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6 Things that Are Holding You Back From Getting Divorced

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byVexxit Staff onAugust 31, 2020

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Although each of us hopes our marriage will last forever, that’s unfortunately not always the case. Then comes yet another big decision: divorce.

Social factors (What will my parents/friends/aunt think?), emotions (What if I start feeling lonely?), and practicalities (Who will get the house? The dog?) can all play a part in your decision-making process. Although each relationship is different, there are a few main factors that commonly hold people back from divorce:


You may not want to put your kids through the process of a divorce, having to switch houses every week, or dealing with a stepparent. But on the flip side, do you want your kids growing up in an unhappy household? Should their example of marriage be one that remains solely out of convenience?


Ah, the biggest reason couples fight (and even consider divorce in the first place). It’s only fitting that the actual process of divorce can rack up some pretty big lawyer fees. To find a legal consultant you can trust, answer a few quick questions on our site and tell us exactly what you’re looking for. Next, we'll search our network and match you with qualified and top-rated professionals.


Maybe you enjoy your annual vacation to Puerto Vallarta, family BBQs every Sunday, and the comfort of knowing exactly what the next 24 hours, months, and years will look like. But the safety of routine should not hold you back from making a decision that could be right for you—as difficult as it might seem.


Dividing up physical and financial assets can seem daunting (how did two people manage to accumulate so much stuff in a single lifetime?), but working with a financial advisor or family lawyer can help tremendously. There are protocols and laws in place for a reason—to protect both parties and make the separation as fair and painless as possible.

Friends & Family

Worrying what your friends and family will think of your marriage is completely normal. Most of them were probably there to see you say, “I do”, so the prospect of telling them “I don’t” might seem less than ideal. But, the people who truly love you will try their best to understand your situation without passing judgment. 

Uncertainty & Fear

Your life plan has been derailed slightly, and the thought of an unknown future is terrifying to you. What if you never find that special someone to grow old with? How will the next few years look financially?

Take a breath and be gentle with yourself. What would you say to a friend going through the same situation? Try to shift your perspective and see this as an opportunity to rewrite your life plan into something even more incredible.

Work with a professional

Match with a vetted lawyer or financial advisor on Vexxit who can help you take the next steps.